Accommodation Terms & Conditions

Please read these booking terms and conditions carefully as they apply to all bookings made with Le Jardin Djahane.

Reservation staff have the discretion to vary these terms and conditions to meet clients’requirements, for example, if a group needs time to collect deposits to secure a whole riad booking, or if there is a specific need to vary cancellation policy. Any variation must be agreed in writing before a deposit is paid, confirmation issued and a binding contract comes into existence.


Your Contract

To make a booking, please check availability by completing the online booking form, making clear the number of people in your party and your preferred travel dates.


Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

A refundable deposit of 50 per cent of the full stay including tax is required and will be charged at the time of booking, excludes city tax. When booking the hotel in its’ entirety a refundable deposit of 50 per cent of the full stay including tax is required and will be charged at the time of booking, excludes city tax.

Reservations must be cancelled 12 pm local time 60 days prior to arrival or 50 per cent of the total stay will be charged. All cancellations made after 12 pm local time, 30 days or less prior to check-in will result in a charge of 100 per cent of the full stay including tax.  No show charge is also 100 per cent of the full stay including tax.

The contract is subject to these booking terms and conditions and to the law of Morocco.

Once the contract is made, it is Le Jardin Djahane’s responsibility to provide you with what you have booked and it is your responsibility to pay for the accommodation. If you fail to do so, your booking may be cancelled and you will be liable to pay cancellation charges.

All relevant documentation will be sent to you via email. It is important to check carefully all the details of your booking once you receive it and to contact us immediately if you have any queries. Le jardin Djahane will not be responsible for any information you do not receive, as a result of your failure to provide a valid e-mail address.

If you want to cancel or amend your booking at a later date, you may have to pay cancellation or amendment fees; these could be as much as the whole cost of accommodation.



It is strongly recommended that you and all members of your party have adequate travel insurance to cover the cost of cancellation, curtailment, medical, repatriation expenses, loss of luggage, personal effects, damages, personal injury and money/valuable belongings. Le jardin Djahane will not be responsible for any loss or damage of guest’s property left in guest’s room and/or the riad at any time.


Our Price Guarantee

Prices on our website do change from time to time; prices can go up as well as down and you will be able to determine your up to date price for your chosen accommodation prior to confirming your booking. Please note once you have agreed a price and made your booking this is the price you pay. If the price decreases, you are not entitled to the accommodation at the changed rate.



Le jardin Djahane will not accept bookings from minors. You must be 18 years of age or over and have legal capacity. Le jardin Djahane does not accommodate minors (a person under the age of 18), unless the hotel is reserved privately, in its’ entirety.


Special Requests

If you have any special requests that do not form part of the standard accommodation services as described in this website (for example dietary needs) please let us know before booking. We will endeavour to satisfy such requests, but unfortunately these cannot be guaranteed.


Disabled Access

Regrettably, the old city of Marrakech, with its very narrow streets and ancient buildings, does not lend itself to disabled access. Le jardin Djahane has no lift meaning that access to the upper parts of the riad, including the roof garden and terraces, is accessible by stairs only.


Smoking Policy

Please note that smoking is not permitted in the riad’s suites. Smoking is permitted in certain outdoor areas.



Please note that Le jardin Djahane operates a strict no pets policy.


If You Want to Cancel Your Booking

Reservations must be cancelled 12pm local time 60 days prior to arrival or 50 percent of the total stay will be charged. All cancellations made after 12pm local time, 30 days or less prior to check in will result in a charge of 100 percent of the full stay including tax.  No show charge is also 100 percent of the full stay including tax.

Cancellations notified directly to the accommodation will not be effective. All cancellations or amendments must be made directly to Le jardin Djahane in writing by the person who made the original booking.


If We Change Your Accommodation

Every effort is made to provide arrangements as confirmed to you. However, certain changes may be made to the accommodation and services resulting from, for example, maintenance of the property, weather conditions, local religious holidays and so on.

Where necessary, Le jardin Djahane reserves the right to change your accommodation to an alternative of the same or superior standard within Marrakech. If it is not possible to confirm a suitable alternative, Le jardin Djahane reserves the right to cancel the booking and an email notification will be sent to inform you of the details.


Number of Nights

Check in is from 1.00 pm and check out is 12.00 pm. The number of nights stated in the booking confirmation refers to the number of nights the accommodation has been reserved for you. Some flights may be night flights; when you arrive in Marrakech your accommodation will only be available if you have reserved it for that night.



When you book accommodation, you accept responsibility for any damage to property or to the riad caused by you or a member of your party. Le jardin Djahane reserves the right to terminate your stay or that of any member of your party if, in the reasonable opinion of the manager, the guest’s behaviour is such as to cause damage to the property or to adversely affect the enjoyment of other guests. In these circumstances, full cancellation charges will apply and no refund will be given. Furthermore, Le jardin Djahane shall be under no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay being terminated. You will be liable to make reimbursement to Le jardin Djahane for any damage caused, before you end your stay.


Admission to Le Jardin Djahane

We reserve the right of admittance at all times and reserve the right to refuse to let the hotel’s rooms or give access to other areas of the hotel. The protection of guests and visitors, the hotel, guest/visitor and hotel property and the reputation of the hotel are of paramount importance. Where, in our reasonable opinion, there is doubt regarding a prospective guest/visitor, access to the hotel may be declined.

You are responsible for the conduct of your guests and visitors whilst they are on the premises at all times including without limitation their orderly conduct in the hotel’s facilities and that no noise or nuisance is caused either for the hotel or its other guests and clients. You and your guests or visitors must cooperate and comply with any reasonable requirements of and with any policies of the hotel and the hotel facilities as may apply from time to time.

Individuals suspected of soliciting or importuning irrespective of whether or not they are a guest or visitor will be denied access to the hotel.


Prohibited uses of Jardin Djahane’s Services

You agree, for yourselves and your guests or visitors, not to use the hotel or its services for any unlawful purpose or in breach of Moroccan law or any other law applicable to the use of the hotel’s services. Examples of prohibited uses include but are not limited to:

Commission of any criminal offence including the possession and use of controlled drugs and possession and storage of firearms and shotguns.

Discriminatory behaviour or other behaviour which affects the dignity of an individual directed by you or your guests/visitors to another individual or individuals within the hotel including other guests/visitors or staff of the hotel whether verbal or not, which is of a sexual or racial nature or is based upon disability, age or sexual orientation;

Any form of verbal or non-verbal conduct which could be regarded as violent, bullying or intimidatory behaviour such as unsolicited touching of guests/visitors or staff of the Hotel;

Conduct exhibited by guests/visitors which invades the privacy of another individual or individuals including other guests/visitors and staff of the Hotel;

Entertaining of courtesans or those employed for sexual gratification at the hotel;

Holding oneself out as an employee, agent or other representatives of the hotel;

Taking any step or committing any action which may damage the moral standing or reputation of the hotel and/or bring its name into disrepute;

Holding oneself out to be operating a business from the hotel’s premises without written authorisation from the hotel;

Soliciting goods and services from guests/visitors and staff of the hotel without their express consent; installation of recording and surveillance equipment anywhere within the hotel’s premises; (for the protection of the privacy of all our guests/visitors) filming and/or photographing for the purpose of public use in any areas of the hotel without our prior written approval; commercial photography or filming without our prior written consent; and the use of our intellectual property including trademarks or trade names without our prior written approval.


Events beyond Le Jardin Djahane’s control

These include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil disobedience or strife, government action, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, level of water in rivers or floods, closure of airports and may also include industrial dispute involving third parties, technical or maintenance problems or unforeseen operational decisions of air carriers such as changes of schedule or any failure in the information technology infrastructure or failure in internet connections. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions Le jardin Djahane regrets that it cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of its contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reason of such events beyond its control.


Health, Safety & Security Abroad

Morocco is a Muslim country which follows Islamic laws and customs. Be aware of your actions to ensure they don’t offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times.

Sadly, crimes against both people and their property are a fact of life the world over, and when in Marrakech it is very important to be vigilant and avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewellery, carrying expensive camera equipment etc. Travellers have the same responsibility for their personal safety and that of their possessions, as they do at home. We urge that you undertake reasonable precautions to protect your family and yourself whilst on holiday. Guests use the swimming pool and pool area at Le jardin Djahane entirely at their own risk. To make the most of your trip abroad, check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.


Health & Vaccinations

Health facilities, hygiene and disease vary worldwide. You should take health advice about your specific needs as early as possible and ensure that vaccinations or preventative measures are taken early enough to be fully effective by the date of travel.